Rana Textiles

“Change brings about uncertainty but, it also enables development and progress.”

I’m reminded of this profound quote as Rana Textiles continues to expand and thrive in all its endeavors. With over 55 years of being at the core of manufacturing premium quality fabrics, we are proud to say that over time we have partnered with a myriad of brands.

Furthermore, we house state-of-the-art textile weaving machines, dyeing and processing units which adds to our credibility in the global textile industry. In relation to this, I can say with assurance that our receptiveness towards innovation and change is what has brought us here today.

Shariq Ahmad

Chief Executive

We are a proud tribe with a rich legacy comprised with innovation and modern – day technology yet focused towards the impact on the environment and ensuring contributing back towards the society



We proudly wear the laurel of being an ISO certified organization. Hence, we place great emphasis on ensuring that the stream of our signature quality remains uninterrupted. This very dedication has enabled us to craft a variety of exquisite fabrics that are a class apart from our competitors. As our markets consist of the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Hong Kong; we wish to meet the diverse needs of all our clients in the most effective and satisfactory way possible. Therefore, we would be pleased to provide you with a comprehensive guide of all our latest products.

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